child identity theft in general is a growing problem

  • According to the state Division of Consumer Protection, parents of minors can place a fraud alert on their credit report with the three reporting agencies and automatically deny credit under the child's name. They can also file an fake id kansas theft complaint with local law enforcement. If the child doesn't have a credit report, that's good. Minors aren't supposed to have them, according to the department. In that case, the parents or children will still want to check periodically to see if a report with a fraudulent account materializes . But Catone fears parents and the teens won't be aggressive in tracking the credit reports. “I bet you even though we have preached this to the parents, most of them haven't even gone and checked.” The state Division of Consumer Protection hasn't gotten any identity theft complaints related to teens who bought fake id california from China, said Department of State spokesman Edison Alban. “However, child identity theft in general is a growing problem,” he added.